Counting rows in a table quickly

One of my friends asked me if there is a way to find total rows in a table without using COUT(*) as it takes very long time for big table. Well COUNT(*) is the most accurate way of counting rows from a table.

However you can also use any of these methods to find the total rows if you want to know the approximate count very quickly.

1 Use sp_spaceused system stored procedure

EXEC sp_spaceused mytable

2 Use sys.partitions system view

select rows from sys.partitions
where object_id=object_id('mytable') and index_id<1

3 Use sys.dm_db_partition_stats  system view

select row_count from sys.dm_db_partition_stats
where object_id=object_id('mytable') and index_id<1

All of the above will get you the count quickly.

NOTE : The count is approximate and to have the accurate count you need to run

DBCC UPDATEUSAGE('mydatabase','mytable')

which will reports and corrects the row count inaccuracies. After running this you can run the above methods to get correct count




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