Extract only numbers from alphanumeric string

Please note that this post is now available at https://exploresql.com/2017/03/21/extract-only-numbers-from-alphanumeric-string/


4 thoughts on “Extract only numbers from alphanumeric string

  1. Very nice article.. thanks for sharing same.!

    We can also try generating split data using recursive With instead of using master tables as below.

    Declare @s varchar(100),@result varchar(100)
    set @s=’as4khd0939sdf78′
    set @result=”;
    with alias1(data1, data2) as
    select 1 as data1 , SUBSTRING(@s,1,1) as data2
    union all
    select data1+1 , SUBSTRING(@s,data1+1,1)
    from alias1 where LEN(@s) > data1
    select data2 from alias1

    PS : we would need to provide hint option (MAXRECURSION 0) to avoid max recursion exception (default 100)

    by using above method, we can support varchar information with character more then 2048 (from master..spt_values where type=’p’ rows output.)

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